New Exciting Inventions – What’s the latest on innovative technology?

We live in a world where innovation is always at the top of the industrial list. If you actually think about it, when an innovative idea comes along, it is usually suggesting a possible lifestyle revolution or changing the initial method of doing things.

In this modern day, innovation usually sets out to provide technological ways to make human life easier and a lot more interesting.  When we take a look back in time, there are many inventions we now take for granted, such as: Bluetooth, which changed the way we transfer and connect pretty much every modern device, the iPod that changed the way people listen to music, with an instant move from CDs to music software. We can’t forget to mention the invention of the Internet… can you imagine life with limited information and connectivity?

Although 2017 hasn’t gone too far, we can already spot a few innovative ideas set to take the world by storm, brace yourself!

Robots are finally taking over the world

Ever heard of the robot chef? Sounds ridiculous but believe it or not, it’s said to be in production at some point this year. The robot will be skilled at cooking about 2,000 reci


If only cars could talk! Well… Toyota made our dreams finally come true.

Recently, self-driving cars became the new craze in the market and Toyota took it a step further by creating a two-way interaction between the car and the user. Toyota believes that the future of the car is not only about teaching vehicles to drive for us. According to Toyota “every element of the vehicle is designed to strengthen the user experience, from the advanced AI agent, nicknamed “Yui,” to the interior lines that allow Yui to travel throughout the car to communicate critical information using light, sound and even touch.” Essentially, the car should be capable of learning about the drivers needs over time as the driver chats with the Yui.


What? We won’t need wires to charge our phones?

Wireless smart phone charging is going to be the new feature for many phones this yinventions


Let talk science… clean water for everyone?

Researchers have developed a low-cost solar still, which allows sunlight to purify dirty water using raw materials costing under $2 and works up to four times faster than a current version being sold commer