Stylish Women In White

Keeping it stylish in white is a chore. You have to think of every possible scenario that doesn’t leave you stained or in a fix. Some days you just wish ou wore your black outfit and problem solved.

White in our opinion is very risky, it says elegant and confident. Confident you won’t get that outfit messed up, confident that you would stand out. Yes you would be described as ‘The lady/babe in white’.

How about that for recognition?

These stylish ladies slay the colour white and also add their extra umph to it

Tell us who you think, cranked up the style volt a notch with their style?


Sharon Ojong
Ezinne Chinkata
tukemorgan_2015-04-22_10-05-27 (1)
Adetuke Morgan
Zina Anumudu
Mide Coker
Grace Alex